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Solution for Bed Bug Problems

Bedbugs, Elimination & 1 year Residual

We know that bed bug infestations are a very serious problem and that providing an effective solution is very important.

A Borrowed Technology
Borrowing familiar medical technology where implant devices are first coated with a polypeptide protein solution that acts to emulsify the membrane wall of a bacterial or viral agent with which it might come in contact, the Lab reasoned that this technology might be modified to work against bed bugs, roaches, fleas and ticks and the other morphologically similar insect pests.

Because polypeptide protein molecules are complex molecules, it was reasoned that they might be modified to react with the chemistry of the outer waxy layer of these morphologically similar insects. Because the reactive process is a “mechanical” process where the waxy outer layer body part is actually emulsified and removed, the evolution of a resistant or immune strain is unlikely and works on all known strains. Resistance has developed to most toxins because these agents only interfere with an organ’s function.

kill bedbugs    kill bedbugs

At the same time, because the protein is designed to react with the specific chemistry of the insect’s outer layer, and since human beings and other mammals are not possessed of the same chemical structure, that is, they don’t have waxy outer layers, the proteins are not harmful to people, their mammal pets or the environment.

Bed Bug Biology

  • Adult Bed Bugs can go without feeding for 12 months all the while hiding under carpeting, between walls, and in ceiling and floor joists.
  • Bed Bugs eggs hatch in 10-15 days and the nymphs emerge hungry.
  • Bed Bugs can hide in spaces the thickness of a credit card.

Why yesterday’s technology won’t work.

  • Bed Bugs have boosted their natural defenses with enzymes - Ohio State University.
  • Bed Bugs now 250 times more resistant to standard chemicals and have evolved 3 significant biochemical defenses against common pesticides - New York City Housing Authority.
  • You must use a pesticide that has a residual - Mississippi Dept of Health.

Most Pest Control Companies are not equipped to solve and prevent
the problem.

The Science ... and how it works.
Applied Science Labs is a U.S.A. based, task oriented research and development company. We also manufacture certain proprietary products.

We knew as a result of our experience in medical implant technologies that complex protein chains have the ability to destroy membrane walls in virus and bacterial agents.

Because the protein molecule chains are long and complex we reasoned that these same molecules could be modified to emulsify the waxy outer layer of the bed bug thereby causing it to quickly dehydrate and die. At the same time such a chemical action would be harmless to human beings and would be of no harm to the environment.

  • VA88 and Glow Guard are technological breakthroughs that have come as a direct result of our search for a 100% nontoxic and environmentally friendly end to Bed Bug infestations that are without odor, do not stain and are easily applied.
  • Strong residual. Because Bed Bugs are not drawn to a bait, to be reliable there must be a strong residual because 60% of Bed Bug infestation is in the form of eggs hidden under carpets and in the spaces between walls and floors. Without a residual several repeat treatments and often the complete replacement of carpet and furnishings is required. This is both expensive, uncertain and unnecessary.

Technical Advantages

100% Nontoxic & 1yr Residual    No Odor & 1yr Residual    No Stains & 1yr Residual

  • VA88 kills on contact and at the same time provides a preventive that leaves a properly treated area materially free of future infestation for up to a year.
  • Glow Guard prevents infestation where no infestation now exists and keeps it that way for a year.
  • These are tremendous technical advantages without which elimination is nearly impossible and very expensive.
  • Because these products are 100% nontoxic, do not harm employees, guests or your property it is economically and efficiently applied.

What the experts say –

Dr. Reinhardt University in Germany -
     “Simply spraying of pesticides will not be enough now or in the future.”

Dr. Michael Siva Jothy University of Sheffield -
     “Bed Bugs can survive pesticide levels a thousand times greater than the lethal dose a decade or so ago.”

Dr. Mike Potter University of Kentucky -
     “Bed Bugs sampled at half-dozen US locations are immune to DDT.”

Dr. Jeffrey Brown – “Get a product that is 100% nontoxic, kills on contact and has a residual.”

Many Pest Control Companies Either Don’t Know or Aren’t Equipped To Solve The Problem!

VA 88TM and Glow GuardTM have been shown to provide

  • “100% mortality...”
  • “Is 100% nontoxic to human beings and made from elements Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) according to EPA’s published reports.”
  • “Provides residual lethality ...”

--- Jeffrey K. Brown, Ph.D., R.P.E., B.C.E., American Academy Of Entomological Sciences


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Far less expensive than either heat or freezing, more environmentally safe than any toxic spray and because it works and has residual far more effective than any other product any where.

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